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Baggage with declared excess value

You can declare the excess value of your checked-in baggage.

The excess value may be declared for each piece of your checked baggage.

No excess value declaration is accepted for:

  • fragile or perishable items,
  • money,
  • jewellers, valuables (precious and semiprecious metals and stones),
  • electronic equipment (photo, video and computer equipment, storage devices),
  • technical documentation, business papers, securities,
  • art works,
  • medication,
  • passports and other identity documents,
  • musical instruments,
  • antiques,
  • unique or irreplaceable items.

It is recommended to declare the excess value of such items trough Insurance Company.

The checked baggage excess value may only be declared on flights operated by UIA and providing the passenger’s ticket has PS ticket number.

Regardless of amount of checked baggage excess value declared by a passenger, UIA assumes the liability limitation 1131 Special drawing rights (SDR) for carriage of such baggage - under Art. 22, paragraph 2 of the Montreal Convention.

In the event when such baggage is lost, the airline’s responsibility is limited to its declared value (but no more than 1131 SDR), except in cases where the airline can prove that the amount requested by the passenger exceeds actual passenger’s interest in baggage delivery.

UIA is not liable for damage caused due to:

  • defective/ faulty baggage, improper packing or closure;
  • carriage in checked baggage of perishable and/or fragile items;
  • normal wear and tear;
  • security or customs checks, or checks performed by government authorities.

In the event of damages, Ukraine International Airlines reimburse the costs of repair for the affected items up to the UIA liability limitation 1131 SDR.

Carriage of the passenger checked baggage with excess value shall always be agreed with UIA in advance - not later than 72 hours before flight scheduled departure.

The baggage excess value is declared by means of “Baggage excess value Declaration” form completion in UIA or handling company office at the departure airport.

You have to register your baggage with declared excess value in UIA or handling company airport office at least 3 hours before flight schedule departure time.

The UIA Representative shall verify the contents of the baggage with declared excess value for compliance to “Baggage excess Value Declaration”. To provide that you have to show your baggage to be declared (or individual items in it) and prove own expenses by appropriate cash vouchers and/or documented expert judgement.

The baggage excess value not confirmed by appropriate cash vouchers and/or documented expert judgement, shall not be declared.

“Baggage excess Value Declaration” is filled in three copies for one continuous flight journey in one direction, i.e. for either the outward flight or the return flight, including transfer(s) but not including any stop(s) between the individual legs were you will collect your checked baggage with excess value declared. Two copies shall be given to you - one copy - for you and another one – for handling company representative who will meet you on arrival.

Each copy of “Baggage excess Value Declaration” must be signed by you and by UIA Representative. Please, keep your copies throughout your entire journey up to arrival at destination airport.

The baggage with a declared value is accepted for transportation by UIA in serviceable suitcases/containers (with a firm strong surface) with reliably closed combination locks.

You have to pack up and close the declared excess value baggage yourself (in presence of UIA Representative) in accordance with above mentioned requirements.

If the baggage package does not fit the established requirements (see above), UIA may refuse to accept it for carriage as a baggage with declared excess value.

Packed and closed baggage with declared excess value must be sealed by UIA Representative and additionally packed into the transparent tied-up polyethylene bags or completely wound by a transparent polyethylene tape with access to handles (in UIA or handling company airport office or at the baggage wrapping point were the you have to proceed with the UIA Representative).

Then you have to proceed to the ticket counter and to pay the supplementary fee - 10 % of the baggage declared excess value (EUR or national currency equal to the rate of exchange published in reservation system on the date of payment), but not less than EUR100 and proceed to check-in.

At the check-in desk, you must inform the check-in agent that the excess value of your baggage was declared and show the payment receipt.

After your arrival at the destination airport, you will be met by authorised handling company Representative, who will accompany you to the baggage claim area and check your baggage with declared excess value for seals and baggage integrity and for completeness of the baggage contents or any spoilage, sign the Declaration and in the event of any damages finding – accompany you to the local Lost&Found office.

In case of failure to comply these procedures at the arrival airport, any possible claims concerning the damage of the checked baggage with declared excess value and/or lack of its content, discovered at the destination airport, will not be accepted by UIA.