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Online Check-in for UIA flights

Your journey will soon begin! You can pre-order delicious meals up to 36 hours prior to departure, save 50% on baggage if you pay no later than 24 hours before departure, and obtain your travel insurance.

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How to check in online →

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Step 1. Retrieve booking

Please retrieve your booking with one of the preferred option:

  • Booking or Ticket number
  • Panorama Club card number
  • Flight details*

*If you have a connecting flight, please enter only the first leg of your journey. For example, if you travel from Dnipro to Amsterdam via Kiev, enter DNK-KBP to log-in.

Step 2. Choose passengers and add advanced passenger information

Select the name of the passenger to be checked in and choose your Bonus Program from the drop down list. Enter the country of residence and citizenship and enter your identity details properly.

Passengers travelling to Germany when entering the passport data must select one of the options:

  • I have a visa; or
  • I am an EU citizen; or
  • I have a Schengen residence permit.

If you are not a member of UIA Panorama Club loyalty program yet, join the Club and enjoy the benefits.

Step 3. Select your seat

Choose your preferred seat. If you wish to change it, please go through the Log-in step again.

Please note: UIA reserves the right to change the seat assignment for security and regulatory reasons.

Step 4. Print your boarding pass

  • Online check-in on

Send your boarding pass to your e-mail address or download your boarding pass to print it out at your convenience.

  • Online check-in via mobile application

No need to print out your boarding pass, just download it on your device.

Present your printed boarding pass at security / passport controls and provide the original when boarding the aircraft.

Web check-in terms and conditions →

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  • Online check-in opens 48 hours prior to departure.
    • web check-in for UIA flights from Amsterdam, from Kiev to Brussels as well as charter flights opens 24 hours before departure;
    • web check-in for UIA flights from Geneva, Zurich, and Brussels opens 18 hours before departure.

  • Online check-in closes 1 hour prior to departure.
    • web check-in for UIA flights from Tel Aviv and Zaporizhzhia closes 3 hours prior to departure.

Online check-in is available →

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  • Passengers departing from Ankara, Amman, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Chernivtsi have to exchange their online boarding passes for standard ones at UIA check-in counters at the airport.

  • Online check-in is not available →

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    • To passengers travelling with an infant under the age of two (an infant does not occupy a separate seat).
    • To unaccompanied minors.
    • To passengers who require special assistance.

    When web check-in is not avaibale, we kindly ask you to check in at the airport check-in counter.

    Baggage drop off →

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    You can drop off your baggage at a baggage drop-off point or at the check-in desk. If you do not have any baggage to drop off, please proceed directly to the airport security and passport control. Your hand luggage and checked baggage weight and dimensions must meet UIA requirements.
    At most airports, you can start check-in of your baggage 2 hours before your flight departure. Deadline for baggage drop-off corresponds to check-in deadline of your flight.

    Carriage of liquids; dangerous items →

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    Please follow special rules regarding liquids carriage when travelling from/via an airport located in any EU country.

    In compliance with international security regulations, any liquid items (including gels, pastes and similar) which are carried into an aircraft cabin must be packed in individual containers with a capacity up to 100ml (1 dl). These containers must be placed in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre. The bag must be separately screened at the airport security checkpoint.

    Liquids bought after security control can be carried on board in original package.

    For detailed information on dangerous items and substances forbidden for transportation by aircraft or permitted under certain conditions, please check this page.

    Online check-in is available for UIA's own flights and not available for code-share flights.