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Passenger passport information and contact details requirements

Dear passengers, please take into consideration that
all passengers are REQUIRED to provide valid passport information at the time of booking tickets for UIA flights, regardless of the point of sale – website, ticket offices, Contact center, travel agency etc.

Such information must include each passenger's:

  • full name, gender, date of birth, nationality,
  • passport number, issuing country, expiry date.

If the provided passport data is incorrect or incomplete, passenger may be refused carriage.


All passengers are also required to provide valid contact details, such as their mobile phone number and email address, when booking flights.

In the case of any other changes, the airline must be able to promptly contact passengers using their contact information.

Also, valid passenger's data ensures that checking in for UIA flights online or at the airport is smooth and quick.

Thank you for choosing UIA. Have an enjoyable journey!