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UIA calls for holding the Industry Leaders Round Table discussion


As Ukraine`s flag carrier and the industry leader, Ukraine International Airlines propose to hold the Industry Leaders Round Table discussion “ How to Lower Ticket Fares for Ukrainians” in Kiev in mid-September 2015.

The issue of lowering ticket fares is currently of the highest importance to Ukraine, Ukrainian aviation and passengers. UIA calls for Industry Leaders to join the initiative and to participate in the Round Table discussion as their contribution, expertise, and professionalism would be invaluable. The event will be dedicated to discussing and developing a series of recommended practices that authorities, carriers, airports and other market players should implement urgently to cut costs and offer Ukrainians lower ticket fares.

Government officials, the Association of European Airlines management, as well Ukrainian and international carriers` and airports` CEO are invited to attend the Round Table discussion.

“Aware of its social role of the industry leader, on an ex parte basis Ukraine International Airlines introduced low fares for early bookings and thus proved that there are methods and ways to cut operational costs substantially, – noted Aron Mayberg, Head UIA Supervisory Board. – However, no carrier operating on Ukrainian aviation market will manage to offer passengers low fares in case laws and regulations affecting ticket prices are not amended. UIA has already developed the “10-steps Action Plan”, that national and local authorities are suggested to follow and implement in order to cut the carriers` operational costs and, consequently, provide broader segments of Ukrainians with an opportunity to take advantage of airline services at reasonable prices”.

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