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Правила и Умови українською
Правила и Условия на русском


(valid till 26.12.2016)

Panorama Club Program is the Ukraine International Airlines (hereinafter "UIA") frequent flyer loyalty program. Membership in the Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") which are created and governed by the Panorama Club Program (hereinafter "Program").


    1. Each person applying for the membership in the Program is considered to have fully read and fully accepted the Terms and Conditions.
    2. UIA reserves the right to modify (in whole or in part) or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice. Changes may relate to Terms and Conditions, membership conditions, the procedure of miles accrual, the number of miles required for awards, the period of miles validity, conditions of membership status changes, etc.

    1. Membership in the Program can be obtained by completing all mandatory fields in Application form in leaflet, attached to the Panorama Club brochure, in the in-flight Panorama magazine, on-line via UIA web-site, or as a part of a Promo-kit, distributed on UIA flights check-in counters at operating airports in terms of Program’s Promo-campaigns.
    2. Membership in the Program is open to individuals aged 2 and older at the date of application.
    3.  Individual Membership is permitted. Only one membership account is allowed per person. Organizations, corporations and other entities cannot be enrolled as members.
    4. Membership in the Program is open to individuals who have previously given consent to the processing of their personal data by making an appropriate note in writing or electronically when filling out Application form. The notion of processing of the personal data means any operation or set of operations performed upon personal data in the Program software such as collection, recording, accumulation, storage, adaptation, alteration, renewal, use and disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, as well as erasure or destruction of the information about an individual.
    5. A person who automatically became a Program member by receiving a Promo-kit at the UIA flights check-in desk (Promo Application form and Panorama Club Classic UNEMBOSED plastic card) in terms of Program’s Promo-campaigns must activate their membership in the Program within 6 months after receiving a Promo-kit. Activation is made by a Program member by transferring original of Promo Application form with all completed mandatory fields and signature to UIA responsible representative, flight attendant or Program’s office: Ukraine International Airlines, Panorama Club, 201-203, Kharkivske Road, Kyiv, 02121, Ukraine. If for any reason, the completed original of Promo Application form will not be received by the Program’s office within 6 months from the date Promo-kit was received, membership in the Program will be automatically canceled and won’t be restored under the previously issued Promo-kit number. The person that received the Promo-kit, completed and forwarded Promo Application form as specified above, is considered to be fully read and agreed with Program’s Terms and Conditions, as well as for the processing of their personal data. Program member gets the right to use bonus miles accumulated on his/ her Program’s account only after activation of the membership in the Program.
    6. Program membership is free of charge.
    7. UIA reserves the right to refuse membership in the Program to any person who fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions. Also, membership in the Program may be terminated upon the wish of a member at any time by written notice, in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions, in case of detecting the illegal actions of the member, as well as in case of termination of the Program.
    8. Upon membership termination all accumulated miles will be cancelled.

    1. Member should keep his/her membership number or paper temporary card until he/she receives a permanent plastic Classic card.
    2. Plastic Classic membership card is mailed to the member after he/she has accrued 3000 status miles or 3 flight segments (UIA own regular scheduled flights).
    3. Plastic card is mailed to the address mentioned in Member’s profile within 30 days after membership status has been changed or request for the card duplicate has been received. In case the address has been changed member must immediately amend it accordingly in Member’s profile on UIA website or notify Panorama Club Contact Center about the changes. UIA is not liable if member fails to comply this item.
    4. Member will be upgraded to the Premium membership level if he/ she meets the following requirements during one calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December):
      1.  Collect no less than 20,000 status miles on scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code, or
      2.  Take no less than 20 flight segments on scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code (all PS flights with the exception of those that are not eligible for mileage accrual will be taken into account).
    5. Program membership cards are personal and non-transferable and can be used only by the person whose name is printed on the card and who owns the membership number.
    6. Member is solely responsible for privacy, confidentiality and preservation of the card number and password to the Personal Web Account and impossibility to access these data unlawful third party. In case of a breach of confidentiality, member is solely responsible for any actions with personal account, including, without limitation, any transactions on the account and violation of Program’s Terms and Conditions. In case of a breach of card number and password confidentiality, member must immediately contact UIA in order to prevent undue access to the personal account of third parties.
    7. Program membership cards remain the property of UIA and should be returned after membership termination.
    8. Membership cards cannot be used after their expiry date and/or after termination of membership in the Program.
    9. Lost, stolen or damaged membership cards can be replaced upon member's notification.

    1. The mile is the basic unit of calculation of points in the Program. All miles credited to member's account fall into one of two categories:
      1. Status Miles are credited to a members' account for scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code and for code-share flights (jointly-operated by two and more companies) provided that the flight is booked under PS code. Status Miles qualify for Premium card and can be used for awards.
      2. Bonus Miles are credited for Airlines-Partner flights, for services provided by Program Partners and during special offers on UIA flights. Bonus Miles can be used for awards but they do not qualify for Premium card.
    2. The number of miles accrued for each route is calculated in accordance with current IATA standards. UIA reserves the right to define the number of miles to be credited for each scheduled flight with UIA under the PS code, each Airlines-Partner flight and for each Program Partner service provided. Miles are credited according to the fare paid and the class booked indicated in the ticket. In case of UIA’s involuntary flight/date or route change due to the unforeseen circumstances (flight delay, which leads to late transfer of the passengers to the connecting flight; flight cancellation; force majeure beyond the carrier’s control, etc.) miles are credited for the route and flight class of the ticket originally purchased.
    3. Each Program member has a personal account to register the collected miles in the Program. Neither miles nor the account are transferable, and they cannot be combined with an account or miles of any other person or transferred to another loyalty program. Miles cannot be converted into money equivalent.
    4. When a Program member subscribes to a Partner's loyalty program, miles for the same flight or provided service can be accrued only at one of the programs' accounts.
    5. Miles are credited to a Member's account only for scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code or Airline-Partner flights and for personally used and paid services provided by non-aviation Program Partners' services. UIA reserves the right, without prior notice, to fully or partially exclude certain fares, certain flights or categories of flights from the Program accrual rules. No miles will be credited for awards or benefit travel or other award or benefit services, for services at discount, certain special tariffs and for charter flights.
    6. Miles are not credited for unused, lost or refunded tickets.
    7. Miles for scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code or Airline-Partner flights will be automatically credited to a Member's account if the member mentions his/ her membership number whenever he/ she books a flight, upon presenting or mentioning his/ her membership card number at check-in desk before departure.
    8. Miles for non-aviation Program Partners' services will automatically be credited to a member's account upon presenting or mentioning his/ her membership card number while purchasing non-aviation Program Partners' services.
    9. Miles for scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code will be credited within 2 weeks; miles for Airline Partners' flights will be credited within 8 weeks following the flight concerned. Miles for other Partners' services will be credited monthly or quarterly, depending on the terms of cooperation with Partners.
    10. In case of any mistakes (miles credited/ deducted incorrectly, etc.) Program reserves the right to correct any Member's account.
    11. If for any reason miles are not credited for a flight taken or service used, they can be retroactively credited to a Member's account within 6 months following the flight or service concerne, regardless the enrollment date. To claim the miles the Member should submit the following documents: originals/ copies of the boarding passes and originals/ copies of passenger tickets, or originals/ copies of the invoices for Partners' services.
    12. A limited number of miles may be purchased and considered as Bonus miles. Money used to purchase miles is non-refundable.

    1. As soon as a Member's account has reached the mileage level required for a certain award, the following awards can be requested:
      1. award ticket on any scheduled flight with UIA under the PS code or Airline-Partner flight;
      2. award upgrade on any scheduled flight with UIA under the PS code;
      3. a discount for miles on any scheduled flight with UIA under the PS code;
      4. redeeming miles for a fee for changing the departure date or itinerary.
    2. Program reserves the right to change the conditions regarding the number of miles required to obtain an award and to cancel any award offers.
    3. To order an award ticket member should no less than 5 calendar days prior to the date of departure contact UIA Contact Center or Program manager and provide all the necessary information regarding the trip (name, surname, membership number, route, dates of travel, booking class, contacts, etc.) or fill the request form for the award ticket online.
    4. Award tickets with open date are not allowed.
    5. Award upgrades are available on scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code. If the tickets are issued at the agency, some restrictions may appear when ordering award upgrade. In the case of award upgrades, miles are credited for the fare originally booked and paid. Booking classes Т (from 01.03.2015),  U, X are not eligible for award upgrades.
    6. Please make sure that you order an award upgrade at least 12 hours before departure.
    7. Some restrictions for awards may appear depending on date, season and destination and under certain circumstances awards may not be available. Members should provide alternate travel dates when ordering an award.
    8. Collected miles cannot be combined with cash or other form of payment to get an award except receiving a discount for miles.
    9. Program award tickets are valid for one year starting from the date of issuance.
    10. Award booking, issuance and collection of awards can be made only at the UIA Head Office, in the UIA sales offices, through UIA own Contact Center or Representative offices in Ukraine and abroad.
    11. Award ticket/ upgrade cannot be issued from a child's account (aged between 2 and 11 years inclusive) for an adult (passenger aged 12 and above) or infant (under 2 years).  Child award ticket mileage price (aged between 2 and 11 years inclusive) : 50% of the adult’s mileage price. Infant award ticket mileage price (aged up to 2 years old): 10% of the adult’s mileage price.Award ticket booking for the infant and associated with him passenger is made from the same member account.
    12. Award upgrade for infants (under 2 years) can be obtained at 20% of the adult  upgrade mileage price. Award upgrade for the infant and associated with him passenger is made from the same member account. Booking an award upgrade for two (2) or more flight segments that are made in one ticket are made from the same member account
    13. Until the award ticket is not issued all changes in the booking and also cancellation of the booking can be made without penalty.
    14. Ordinary bookings may not be changed into award bookings. UIA may refuse an award if the member has already made a reservation for the same flight and dates without clearly specifying that such reservation is for Program award.
    15. After the award ticket has been issued change of the date or route (change of the route is permitted only on scheduled flights with UIA under the PS code within one Award Zone) can be made according to the following rule:
      1. When travelling in Economy Class – with a 40 USD penalty;
      2. When travelling in Business Class – without penalty.
    16. If a prior cancellation of award ticket was not made and in case of a no show for the flight, an additional 25 USD penalty applies.
    17. Miles for the unused award ticket can be refunded to a member's account with a 40 USD penalty. Miles for the partially-used award ticket are non-refundable. Miles for the unused upgrade are refunded to a member’s account without penalty.
    18. Lost, stolen, damaged or incompletely used award tickets cannot be replaced.
    19. Members will be responsible for payment of any government and airport taxes and any other collections applicable at the time of issuance of award tickets or award upgrades.
    20. Collected miles can be used to get a discount when purchasing a ticket. Сost of 1000 miles to exchange – 10 USD. Discount applies to the published fares available in the system at the time of booking. Discount does not apply to the airport taxes, they are fully paid by the passenger. The fare and service charges level corresponds to the level applied via UIA Contact Center and ticket desks. Ticket discount request for miles should be made no later, than 12 hours before departure, otherwise the request is not processed and ticket is not booked.
    21. Discount can be transferred by Program member to another person in accordance with the standard terms of Award transfer. In case the ticket is issued with the discount for miles, any other discounts (corporate, child, “Personal Offer”, etc.) cannot be applied to the same ticket. The discount may only be used once for return or one-way ticket.
    22. Discount is valid for all UIA own regular flights (except for business class on long-haul flights and business class on Kiev-Nice/ Nice-Kiev flights), for regular seat quota on UIA charter flights, including transit UIA flights.

    A Member may transfer awards to any person of his/ her choice. Miles and already issued tickets cannot be transferred to another person. In order to transfer awards to family members or friends a Member should e-mail the transfer authorizing letter from e-mail address indicated in his/her Program profile to the Program manager.

    The member's name and surname, membership number, the name and surname of the person receiving the award, route, dates of travel, booking class and contacts should be included in the letter.

    All Terms and Conditions outlined here also apply to the person to whom the award is transferred; it is the member's responsibility to ensure that the person receiving the transferred award is aware of the flight restrictions, taxes payable and the others rules and regulations. UIA is not responsible for fraud or for any other misuse of an award ticket.


    The Program is not liable for any claim concerning loss or damage of the baggage resulting from any delayed, cancelled or rerouted flights. Please read carefully passenger rules and regulations about the limitations of UIA's liability in case of injury, loss or damage to person or property.

    In the case of any changes of a member's personal data he/ she must provide the Program manager with all updated information.

    Membership and awards are not transferable in the event of member's death.

    The Program is subject to Ukrainian law. All disputes shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Kiev and Ukraine.