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Budget car rental


Miles Discount for rental
in Ukraine
Discount for rental
in Europe,
Middle East and


500 miles(1-13 days)
1 000 miles(14 or more days)
15% 10% No
Premium 500 miles (1-13 days)
1 000 miles (14 or more days)
20% 15% Yes(subject
to availability
on the day of
are not ossible
from manual to
automatic vehicles
and vice versa.


To claim your missing miles for Budget car rentals please complete the form.

Please note: Miles are credited in case the reservation is made directly through Budget. Before car rent please present your Panorama Club card. Certain rates are not eligible for miles collection and discounts. Miles and discounts from different offers are not summarized. Bonus miles for car rent in the current month are credited on the basis of the Partner`s report after the 10th of the next month.

Tel: +38 044 490 10 88
E-mail: [email protected]