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Earn more miles for VAT refund with Panorama Club partner - «TaxFree4U»!

TaxFree4U is a mobile application that allows EU non-residents to return up to 19% VAT within 48 hours for purchases made in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

Travelling with UIA to Europe Panorama Club members can enjoy shopping without VAT, but also can earn bonus miles to the accounts.

For every refunded 1 Euro with TaxFree4U service Panorama Club member get 1.5 bonus miles.

TaxFree4U benefits:

  1. High percentage of the VAT refund - up to 19%.
  2. Fast refund - within 48 hours.
  3. TaxFree4U experts fill declaration for you.
  4. TaxFree4U is the only operator that consolidates all checks into a single declaration that is why it is so simple to overcome the minimum refund amount set by the legislation of each country.
  5. TaxFree4U works with all shops that are VAT-payers.

To get VAT refund you should follow 5 simple steps:

  1. Download TaxFree4U mobile application and enter Panorama Club card number in «Promo code» field
  2. Take a picture of your receipts and upload it in application.
  3. Get declaration on e-mail and print it.
  4. Visit the customs office at the airport before leaving the EU, stamp the declaration and send documents to TaxFree4U office.
  5. Get VAT refund on your card within 48 hours.

Please note:

Get detailed information on, or contact TaxFree4U via e-mail: [email protected].