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What is required to apply for an entry visa to the UAE online?
When can I take advantage of pre-ordered meal service?
Can I order meals in advance for several persons?
How can I pay for my advanced meal order?
Where can I find pre-ordered meal menu?
How can I make a meal order in advance?
On what flights pre-ordered meal service is available?
Can I change or cancel advanced meal order?
Will I be able to make a reservation without enabling cookies?
I have made a spelling mistake in my name while booking. What should I do?
How can I unsubscribe myself from your newsletter?
How do I rent a car?
Where is the security code on a credit card located?
Can I make a booking online for an unaccompanied child?
How can I change the language on the website?
What taxes have to be paid on airline tickets?
My bank card was refused. What shall I do?
Where can I find a route map displaying UIA destinations?
What shall I do if my internet connection is interruptet during the booking process?
What payment methods are available on
Why is there a difference between a fare listed on the website today and a fare that was listed a few days ago?
When will the amount be charged to my card?
What are the components of my ticket price?
How do I find the lowest fares?
Where do I find the fare conditions during the booking process?
Is it safe to make online payments on your website with my credit or debit card?
I want to book a flight to one city and return from another. How can I do this?
What is a Passenger Name Record (PNR)?
Can I reserve a flight which departs from a country other than where I reside?
How can I pay for UIA tickets online?
Can I pay for my ticket with a credit or debit card?
How do I book an e-ticket on UIA website?
I need to prove I have purchased an air ticket. How can I get a proof of payment?
Can I pay for tickets via bank transfer?
Can I receive an invoice for the ticket paid online?
I did not receive a confirmation when I completed my booking. Was it successful?
Do I need to reconfirm my flight?
How will I receive my tickets?
How do I know that my online booking has actually been made?
At the airport
Can I request an upgrade to Premium Economy or Business class at the airport?
Will the EU rules for hand baggage allow me to shop tax-free after having my passport checked?
What can I expect at airport controls as a consequence of the EU rules for hand baggage?
What items am I not allowed to carry in my luggage?
Where can I find information on hand baggage?
How long before departure should I be at an airport?
In flight
Do you offer newspapers on board UIA flights?
Can I use my cellular phone on board a UIA flight?
Can I request special meals (Vegetarian, Kosher, etc.) on UIA flights?
Am I allowed to bring my MP3 player on board?
Where can I find information about meals which are served on UIA flights?
What goods can I buy on board UIA flights?
Can I bring my own food and drink on board?
What should I do if I find damaged baggage or missing baggage content?
What should I do if my baggage does not arrive at my destination?
Can you give me information about the status of my delayed baggage?
Panorama Club
Why do I need a password?
What is a Digital Panorama Club card?
I didn’t receive enrollment confirmation with the card number and password.
How to be a Panorama Club member?
What should I do if I lost my Panorama Club Card?
When will I receive Panorama Club plastic card?
Why do I need a membership number?
What should I do if my miles have not been credited on my account?
How to ensure that miles are credited on my account?
Is it possible to transfer my miles to another mileage account?
Web check-in
How to buy tickets: payment options
Is there any time limit in online booking with following payment at UIA ticket offices?
What is the deadline for making a payment at UIA ticket offices if I've made an online booking?
Can I pay if currency of my card account differs from currency of payment? How does it work?
May I book ticket online and pay for it at ticket office?
My card got rejected. What do I do?
What if I do not want to use any of the online payment options?
I didn't receive a confirmation of my booking after going through the payment steps.