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Q. Can I pay via bank transfer?
A. No, at present we only accept payment using the following cards: American Express, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Visa Credit Card and UK debit cards.


Q. Can I travel on a Ukraine International flight during my pregnancy?
A. In general, there should be no objection to travelling by air during pregnancy. Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to consult your physician, midwife or obstetrician first.

Up to 28 weeks
Ukraine International Airlines will carry pregnant women without a doctor's certificate but the woman may be asked to sign an indemnity form confirming that they are less than 28 weeks pregnant.

28 to 36 weeks
Ukraine International Airlines requires a doctor's certificate confirming that the passenger is fit to fly and specifying the date that the baby is due and this certificate must be produced at check-in.

36 weeks and over
Ukraine International Airlines will not carry women during this period of pregnancy under any circumstances.

It is the responsibility of pregnant women to advise Ukraine International Airlines of their condition at the time the reservation is being made. If the reservation is made online you must email [email protected] quoting the booking reference.

Q. Can I take all my medicines with me in the hand luggage?
A. Yes, all medicines for the entire duration of travel may be carried in hand luggage provided that the prescription is in your name.

Q. Where can I find more information regarding travelling with animals?
A. Please click on this link for information on travel with pets

Q. Which aircraft does Ukraine International Airlines operate?
A. UIA operates Boeing 737-300; 737-400 and 737-500 aircraft

Q. I'm allergic to peanuts. Can I travel safely with Ukraine International with this allergy?
A. UIA serves peanuts as snacks and there may be traces of peanuts in food products served onboard

Q Can I reserve a flight that departs from a country other than where I reside? If so, how can I do this?
A. It is possible to reserve a flight that departs from a country other than where you reside provided you book online on The fare will be converted into your credit card billing currency by your credit card issuer.

Q. Where do I find the fare conditions during the booking process?
A. The fare conditions will be displayed as each fare type is selected and a summary will be included on the Confirmation Page and on the e- ticket confirmation.

Q. Is a booking or service fee applicable if I book online?
A. At present there is no booking or service fee for bookings made on line on A Service Fee will apply for all bookings made via airline ticket offices, travel agents and online travel agents.

Q. How do I take out travel insurance?
A You can arrange travel insurance through an insurance broker or travel agent

Q. Can I make a reservation without enabling cookies?
A. No, cookies have to be enabled in order to use the UIA booking engine site,

Q. If the program freezes or the connection breaks during the reservation process, what should I do?
A. If there is a problem during the reservation process or for some reason your credit card is declined you will normally see an error message and be instructed to start again. Unless you receive a confirmation e-mail with a 5 character Booking Reference (Example: R6TH5) you have no reservation and your credit card will not be debited.

Q. I did not make a reservation but my bank tell me that UIA have charged by credit card- what should I do?
A. Some banks will ‘freeze’ funds during the booking process even if the booking fails. Please be assured that your credit card will only be debited if you have made a reservation and have received a confirmation e-mail. If you have any questions please send an e-mail to [email protected] and attach a copy of your credit card statement.

Q. How can I make a reservation for more than five people?
A You can make a reservation for up to five passengers on our website, website. If you wish to make a reservation for six or more people please contact your local UIA office or travel agent.

Q. I want to make a booking and travel to one city and return from another – how can I do this?
A. To book a return fare online you must return from the same airport. However, it is possible to make two separate one-way reservations and pay two one-way fares in order to make a ‘Multi City’ booking.

Q. I would like to take a surfboard on a flight. How do I arrange this?
A. Special baggage can be transported on most UIA flights based on request and availability. Please click here to
contact a UIA office or [email protected]

Q. Can I bring my laptop computer on a UIA flight?
A. Use of a laptop is permitted during the flight when the "Fasten seat belt" sign is switched off, i.e. not during take-off and landing periods. The laptop also has to be switched off when requested by the crew.

Q. What types of in-flight meals are provided on UIA flights?
A. Passengers will be served a complimentary snack or meal appropriate to the time of day and the length of the flights. We will also offer special meals for passengers with special dietary requirements. We can offer you vegetarian, Moslem, kosher, diabetic, fat or salt-free meals, as well as for children and babies, etc. Please specify your preference when making reservations and not less than 48 hours before departure.

If you change your reservation, we advise you to remind your travel agent or UIA reservation service that you have ordered a special meal.

Q. Where can I find a world map with all UIA destinations?
A. For a list of destinations, please see our route map.

Q. Can I view flight status information on the UIA website?
A. Yes, it is possible to check the latest information regarding the departure and arrival of flights by following the links to airport live flight information.

Q. Is there a schedule for all available flights?
A. Follow the links to our timetable where you can display the information or download the timetable in Excel format.

Q. What travel documents will I need?
A. Check with the Embassy or consulate of the country of destination for the required travel documents.

Q. Where can I find the contact information for Ukraine International Airlines?
A. For a list of offices please see the 'Contact Information' page.

Q. When can I gain access to the airport lounges?
A. Lounge access is available to business class passengers and selected Panorama Club members.

Q. Am I allowed to smoke onboard the flight?
A. Like most airlines all UIA flights are non-smoking flights.

Q. Is it possible to hire a plane?
A. Yes, it is possible to charter a UIA Boeing 737 for up to 160 passengers on either an ad-hoc or series basis. Contact our Charter Department for a quotation.

Q. Does UIA offer student or youth fares?
A. UIA does offer student fares and youth fares on certain routes but these must be purchased through UIA offices or a travel agent because we require proof of eligibility such as passport or student ID

Q. Are travel and cancellation insurance policies necessary if you are travelling on a scheduled flight?
A. We do recommend that you have a travel insurance policy that may help you recover cancellation fees in the event of illness, etc. We suggest that you contact your travel agent or insurance broker to ensure that you buy a policy that is appropriate to your situation.

Q. Can I see which airline I will be flying on?
A. If you are booking online your flight will be on UIA or one of its code- share partners. If your flight is operated by another airline this will be indicated during the booking process.

Q. Is flying safe?
A. Flying is commonly recognized as being the safest mode of transport. UIA has been awarded the IOSA -The IATA Operational Safety Audit certificate.

Q. Where can I find information about airports?
A. There is airport information on the website; follow the links to 'At the Airport'.


Q. When will the fuel surcharges be adjusted?
A. UIA constantly reviews the Fuel Surcharge based on fuel costs throughout the route network and international currency exchange rates. Once you book and pay for your ticket the price will not normally increase.

Q. What taxes have to be paid on airline tickets?
A. There are several taxes on airline tickets including airport taxes, security charges and fuel surcharges. The amount of the airport tax depends on your departing airport as well as your destination. Because taxes are incurred in difference country's they change from time to time due to currency fluctuations.

Q. Can I change my ticket online?
A. It is currently not possible to make changes online. Please check the fare conditions before attempting to make a change or cancellation.
Please use our Contact Us service to request a date change.

Q. What are the possibilities for an upgrade to Business Class?
A. You will be eligible for an upgrade (for which you will pay an additional amount) depending on the conditions that apply to the fare. For details
contact [email protected]

Q. Can I cancel my ticket online?
A. At present it's not possible to cancel online. To avoid possible 'No Show' fees please cancel your ticket advance with [email protected]

Q. Do I need to reconfirm my flight?
A. When flying with UIA or one of its code share partners, you do not need to reconfirm your flight.

Q. What is the deadline for changing my reservation?
A. Whether or not you can make a change in your ticket depends on the fare conditions that apply; a summary of the fare conditions are displayed during the online booking process; generally the lowest fares have strict conditions with regards to date changes and cancellations. If you do need to change a reservation please do so at least 24 hrs before departure.

Q. Where do I find the fare conditions during the booking process?
A. A summary of the fare conditions will be displayed during the selection process on Page 2 and before you confirm your selection. When you
finalise your reservation and authorise payment you will be asked if you accept the fare conditions, and the conditions of carriage.

Q. How can I extend the validity period of my ticket?
A. Whether a ticket can be changed depends on the conditions that apply to it. Please contact [email protected] and we will advise you of the options.

Q. How do I know that the booking has actually been made and that there aren't any problems?
A. If your booking is successful a Confirmation Page will be displayed and within 2-3 minutes you will receive an e-mail receipt and e-ticket. If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

Q. How do I find the lowest fare?
A. The lowest fares are normally offered on flights at off-peak times such as mid-week or during off-peak times of the year. Our online booking facility will display available flights before and after the dates you selected. You also have the option of searching for the lowest fares by scrolling through earlier or later dates.

Q. Can I make a booking online for an unaccompanied child?
A. No. There are formal procedures required for a child to travel without an adult and therefore you must make a booking with a UIA office or travel agent.

Q. Can one adult travel with two infants?
A. One adult passenger can travel with up to two infants. The fare charged for the first infant will be the infant fare whilst the fare charged for the second infant accompanying the same adult will be the child fare. A confirmed seat will be required for at least one of these infants.

Q. My eight-year-old child will be travelling alone. How does that work?
A. Further information about children travelling can be found elsewhere on this website. Please note it is not possible to make an online booking for an unaccompanied child.

Q. Do babies travel at a reduced fare?
A. Yes, babies under two years of age always travel at a reduced fare but are not given a separate seat onboard

Q. How do I receive the tickets?
A. If you book online you will be issued with an 'e-ticket' which is automatically sent to you by e-mail 2-3 minutes after you have completed your booking. Simply show a print out of this e-mail for check-in purposes. Provided there seats available it is possible to make an online booking up to two hours up to departure.

Q. Can a seat be pre-assigned and an advance boarding pass issued if I booked online with
A. At present it's not possible to make seat selections or print an advance booking pass for online bookings.

Q. What does my ticket cost?
A. The price of your ticket is composed of the flight fare, the airport taxes and any surcharges. Remember, when you compare air fares you should compare the total costs and not only the flight fare. Flights involving a change of flight will incur extra airport taxes and therefore direct flights are usually less expensive.

Q I did not receive a confirmation when I completed my booking; Was my booking successful?
A. If you saw the Confirmation Page displayed but you have not received the e-ticket it may be because you entered an incorrect e-mail address. If you do not receive a confirmation by e-mail within one hour after completion of your booking, please contact [email protected]

Q. Is it safe to pay with my credit card online?
A. We use the latest technologies to ensure the security and safety of all your transactions at To ensure the security of your credit card information when you book flights through, we use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is currently the preferred method to securely transfer credit card and other sensitive data over the Internet. If your browser supports SSL, please select the Secure Mode option when confirming your booking and your credit card and other personal details will be protected by this technology. If you are restricted by the capabilities of your browser then you can use the non-secure mode, but we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of any browser to allow you peace of mind during any further transactions Credit card sales are processed by RBS WorldPay Payment Systems, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Q. How do I know if I have successfully made my online reservation?
A Upon completing the online booking process, the last step is the confirmation page showing a 5-character Booking Reference number. Normally within 2-3 minutes you will receive an e-ticket Confirmation and Receipt to the e-mail address you entered as you made the booking.

Q. I didn't receive a confirmation of my reservation after going through the payment steps.
A. If you did not receive a booking confirmation, contact [email protected]

Q. Why is there a difference between the fare listed on the website today and the fare that was listed a few days ago?
A. The number of seats allocated to each fare type is limited and it’s possible that the fare that you first saw is no longer available. Generally
the lowest fares are available to people who book well in advance.

Q. My credit card was refused. What should I do?
A. Your credit card may be refused for a number of reasons such as a typing error; a technical error or a lack of available funds. UIA have no information regarding your financial status.

Q. Does UIA have personal information processed by other parties?
A. For information on personal data please click on our Privacy Policy statement.

Q. Where is the security code on a credit card located?
A. On a Visa and MasterCard, the security code (CVV code) is located on the rear of the card and is made up of the last three digits of the number. On an American Express card, the four digit number (CID code) is printed on the front of the card to the right and above the embossed fifteen digit card number.

Q. What can I expect at airport controls as a consequence of the new European Union rules for hand baggage?
A. At the security checkpoints, all hand luggage goes through a scanner on a conveyer belt. At this point your hand luggage is also checked for liquids. You must present all liquids separately when your hand luggage is checked. Your transparent plastic bag must be closed, and your containers of liquids must fit in it comfortably. Coats, jackets and large electrical appliances such as laptops must also be presented separately for inspection.

Q. Will the new European Union rules for hand baggage allow me to shop tax-free after having my passport checked?
A. Yes, you can still do your shopping, including duty-free shopping, at EU airports after passport control. Liquids and gels that you buy after the ticket and/or passport control will be packed and sealed for you as necessary by the shop. The seal is valid for one day. If you must change to another plane, you may not break the seal until you reach your final destination.

Q. Which payment methods are available at
A. Payment method options: MasterCard, Visa Electron, VISA, UK debit cards and American Express.

Q. When will the amount be charged to my credit card?
A. Your credit card will be charged when you receive your e-ticket Confirmation Receipt.

Q. Can I have an e-ticket if I am checking in baggage (i.e., travelling with more than hand luggage)?
A. Yes, there is no difference between a paper ticket and an e-ticket for the check-in process.

Q. I made my booking via a travel agency. Can you change my flight?
A. As your reservation was made through a travel agency, all requests, inquiries and changes before departure should be directed to the travel agency where you purchased your ticket.

Q. Will I get my money back if I have not flown?
A. Whether you can get a refund depends on the conditions that apply to your fare. If you booked online please contact us for information on the cancellation conditions attached to your fare.

Q. I need to prove I have purchased an airline ticket. How can I get a proof of payment?
A. Your e-ticket Confirmation Receipt that you will receive by e-mail is proof of payment and is generally accepted by official organisations as proof.

Q. I do not want to use any of these payment options
A. If none of these payment options is suitable for you, we recommend that you book your flight directly with a UIA office or with a travel agent who accepts cash payments.

Q. Is a booking fee applicable if I book online?
A. At present there is no booking fee is applicable to reservations made online at

Q. What is an e-ticket?
A. An e-ticket is the electronic version of the conventional paper ticket. It is an electronic record kept in a computer database that is used instead of a printed paper ticket.

Q. How do I book an e-ticket?
A. E-tickets can be booked in exactly the same way as paper tickets: through, our call centres, or a travel agent. When booking a regular fare online, an e-ticket will be issued automatically.

Q. What is a Passenger Name Record (PNR)?
A. A Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a 5-characther reference number generated by our reservation system that contains all the information required for the entire itinerary.

Q. How do I book a hotel?
A. If you are travelling to Ukraine we recommend our partner tour operator, Panorama Tours. Hotel reservations services are offered by Octopus Travel. Choose from over 23,000 discounted hotels worldwide. With a range of hotels from budget to luxury, large chain hotels to boutique properties, there’s something for everyone.

Q. How do I rent a car?
A. When you arrive on Ukraine International Airlines you can rent a car at special rates from our partners, Hertz. There are rental locations at airports in Ukraine such as Kiev, Lvov, Simferopol and Odessa and all UIA destinations in Europe, Georgia, Kuwait and Dubai.

Q. Can I check whether someone is on board a plane or has arrived?
A. Because of privacy and security regulations UIA cannot provide information on passengers.

Q. Where can I find the General Conditions of Carriage?
A. You can find the General Conditions of Carriage via this link.

Q. Where can I find the carriers liability?
A. The carrier’s liability can be found in the Conditions of Contract.

Q. How can I unsubscribe myself from your newsletter?
A. Unsubscribing from the newsletter can be done online.

Q. I get a "time-out" message when I try to download. What can I do about this?
A. What you should do depends on the kind of error message you got. The problem might be that the connection speed is too slow or that the server is dealing with a heavy load at that time. In this case, you could try at a later time.

Q. How can I change the language on the website?
A. Please select another language on top of the page. The complete web site is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages while the online booking engine is also available in French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Q. How much baggage can I take along?
A. Your baggage allowance depends on your routing and class of travel. If you are booking online with your allowances will be displayed as part of the 'Fare Conditions' section and will be printed on your e-mail Confirmation Receipt. For general information on baggage please click on this link.

Q. Where can I find information on hand baggage?
A. Click here for information on UIA’s hand baggage regulations.

Q. Can I bring my own food and drink on board?
A. You are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages that you brought with you on board. You are also permitted to bring baby food and medication that you need during the flight. You may be asked for proof that you need these items.

Q. Can I use my personal cellular telephone on board a UIA flight?
A. You are allowed to use your personal cellular phone on board when the aircraft is parked and at least one door is open. In addition, the Captain may allow the use of personal cellular phones during lengthy delays on the ground, even when doors are closed.

Q. How long before departure should I be at an airport?
A. To allow you ample time to check in, pass immigration, undergo security check(s) and reach your gate before boarding time, we advise you to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before departure.

Please note that check-in finishes 40 minutes before departure and you will not be permitted to travel if you check in late.

If you fail to check in by the pre-announced flight closing time, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and to deny boarding. Please note that if you fail to check in on time you will not be eligible for Denied Boarding Compensation.

Q. What items am I prohibited from bringing in my luggage?
A. Click 'read more' for items that are prohibited.


Q. Can I bring my MP3 player on the plane?
A. Electronic equipment with an aerial must be turned off from the moment you board the plane and during the flight. Electronic equipment without an aerial, such as CD/DVD/MP3 players, laptops or electronic games can be used during the flight and when the plane is on the ground. As soon as the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign comes on (during take-off and landing and sometimes during the flight) all your electronic equipment must be turned off and put away.

Q. What drinks are served on board?
A. We offer a complimentary assortment of hot and cold beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Q. What goods can be bought on board UIA flights?
A. For details of our latest Sky Shop offering and prices please click on
link to Kiev Duty Free.

Q. Do you offer newspapers on board UIA flights?
A. Business Class passengers are offered a choice of international newspapers such as the FT or International Herald Tribune and a selection of Ukrainian newspapers and magazines.

A limited number of newspapers are available for Economy Class passengers.


Q. My baggage was damaged during the flight. What should I do?
A. Damaged items should be reported to and viewed by the Airport Baggage Service Office immediately upon arrival. Requests for financial compensation for costs incurred as a result of lost or damaged luggage can be submitted to the UIA Customer Relations Department - click on this link for more information. If you have a travel insurance policy, you can submit your claim to your insurance company along with the report form you received from UIA.

Q. My luggage was lost during my trip. Where should I report this?
A. You must report damaged or lost luggage immediately at the airport upon arrival and complete a Property Irregularity Report –PIR.

Requests for financial compensation for costs incurred as a result of lost or damaged luggage can be submitted to the UIA Customer Relations Department - click on this link for more information. If you have a travel insurance policy, you can submit your claim to your insurance company along with the PIR Form.

Q. Can you give me information about the status of my delayed baggage?
A. You can check the status of delayed baggage online by following the ‘Baggage Tracing’ link on Alternatively, you can contact us by phone using the telephone number listed on the PIR form.

Q. Can I report my delayed luggage online?
A. This service is currently not an option; luggage that has been delayed must be reported at the arrival airport immediately and before you leave the baggage claim area. However, you can check the status of your missing luggage online and download a baggage information form.